Successful Completion of Lilix South Melbourne

Lilix south melbourne

Despite four City and State lockdowns during its construction, Samma Property Group has just settled its latest luxury development, Lilix in South Melbourne – with everything completed on time.

“Samma Property Group was founded by an engineer, so there’s a meticulous planning culture in the company” said Grant Packman, Senior Development Manager at Samma.

“ We believe that, if you anticipate every kind of problem, they don’t happen”.

“But even we weren’t able to predict a global pandemic”.

Nevertheless, despite Covid, the entire construction process went smoothly. All 95 apartments have now been completed, with virtually no teething problems, and the ground floor street level commercial space is presently under negotiation.

“It was all pretty seamless” said Grant. “The building looks great, with distinctive detail and a timeless design – it’s a credit to the architects and the entire construction team”.

The new owners have been welcomed at Samma’s new head office in Batman Street in the city, to collect their settlement gifts and the keys to their brand-new luxury homes.

Ordinarily, it would be a chance to meet the broader team and learn more about Samma but Covid health considerations meant they had to be short and safe meetings with masks.

Samma’s commitment to its customers doesn’t end there, however.

“The building might be finished but our customer service program is just starting” said Grant.

“Unlike many developers, we always manage all of our developments after completion. We know the buildings better than anyone, so we’re the best people to maintain them properly”.

“It means our customers are really well looked after and we continually learn things and improve what we do. “It’s a win – win”.