To “Improve Life in the City of Tomorrow”

Our Vision and Values are the foundations upon which we operate. Our guiding light of Improving Life in the City of Tomorrow directs our decisions, the way we work and the way we live.

We are committed to make a positive difference:

  • to people’s lives
  • to our community
  • to the cities we live & work in

We strive to do something great. Not good, great!

We want to inspire people, cultivate creativity and be motivated by more than profits.


Our governance structures have been established to provide guidance, advice, and networking assistance in respect to the business and operations. Members are appointed to provide objective advice guidance insights to the group. Which include the following structures: 

  • Advisory Board
  • Investment Committee 
  • Finance Committee 
  • Corporate Governance and OH&S
  • Project Control Group
  • Executive Leadership Team