Our founder Sam Abdelmalak wasn’t always a builder. He found his life’s passion by chance. After working as an engineer for almost 30 years, he built a new home for his young family. It was, in his own words, ‘a masterpiece’. Then, during the recession in the 90s, Sam lost his job and couldn’t find work. So he decided to sell his much loved family home to finance a new business in home construction.

His training as an engineer, coupled with an obsession for detail, helped Sam set a new standard for construction quality.As demand for Sam’s houses grew, his eldest son Simon joined the business, to be followed in later years by Joshua and Daniel.

All three sons continued the family passion for property throughout University, gaining degrees and advanced skills in Planning, Design, Property, Construction, Real Estate and Information Systems.

They now run Samma, supported by a large executive team comprising highly experienced specialists in Planning, Land Acquisition, Design, Construction, Sales, Finance, Law and Corporate Governance.

From Left

Joshua, Simon, Samir & Daniel


BA – University of Melbourne

Josh joined the company while studying at Melbourne University for a BA in Planning, Design and Property Construction. He has an unlimited construction license and takes a hands-on approach, overseeing the development arm of Samma.


BA – University of Melbourne

Simon joined his father while completing a BA in Property and Construction at Melbourne University and subsequently took over the management of the business. He has overseen the dramatic growth of Samma with a focus on Development, Acquisition, Finance and Sales. His aim is to manage the steady, sustainable growth of Samma through the decades to come.


Founder – Samma Property Group

Sam migrated from Egypt to Melbourne in 1969 and founded the Samma Property Group in 1995, building one of Melbourne’s most successful and respected property development companies in a single generation.

The company’s dramatic growth was driven by Sam’s work ethic, integrity and personal values underpinned by a strong foundation in Christianity.

Sam is passionate about giving back to the less fortunate. Via the Samma Foundation, the business supports those in need in Australia and throughout the world.



BA – RMIT University

Daniel is a licensed real estate agent and has a BA in Business Information Systems from RMIT, bringing a broad range of advanced skills to help manage Samma’s technology, administration, people and culture. He keeps Samma up to date with the rapidly evolving technology emerging in every part of the property industry.


We are thankful for our humble beginnings. Which led us to know the smell of freshly cut timber, newly laid  concrete in the morning and the detail required to produce a craftsman built home. Today we are still proud of the works we completed in those early days. These are just a few examples, from townhouses, apartments to large residences in Canterbury.