Living The High Life

The Ella Apartments are Spec Property’s latest high-end residential development showcasing the company’s emphasis on quality from start to finish.

Attractively located in Claremont Street, South Yarra (VIC), Ella is a 20-level building featuring 167 one- and two-bedroom apartments plus a ground Floor retail space.

“Our company prides itself on delivering a quality product,” says Spec Property’s Damien Milton, site manager for Ella. “[Ella] is a very high-end product.” The open-plan design features European-oak throughout the main living areas, wool-blend carpeted bedrooms with built-in wardrobes, and luxurious bathrooms with floor-to-ceiling mirrors and recessed stone shelves. Stone-edged benches and glass splashbacks in the kitchen emphasise Ella’s emphasis on “low maintenance luxury”.

With over 35 completed major developments, Ella is Spec Property’s latest example of attention to detail through end-to-end project management. Spec Property is one of the few residential construction companies to manage the design, development, build, marketing, sales and maintenance of all their projects. Specialists employed by Spec Property are responsible for land acquisition, town planning, architecture and interior design, finance development, construction, marketing, plus sales and customer relations. Property management is handled through Synergy, Spec Property’s real estate division.

The result, as Spec Property is proud to note, is a guarantee of quality at every stage of development. As Spcc says, “we know from experience that to achieve the best outcome you need to make smart decisions right from the beginning.” While styled for glamour, the practical features of the Ella apartments showcase Spec Property’s holistic approach to providing their customers with an efficient, intelligent design. Each apartment will have a 6 star energy efficiency rating including full-height glass with thermally efficient glazing to maximize natural light, water and energy efficient fixtures/appliances, gas-boosted solar hot water, rainwater harvesting, and bicycle storage.

As for Ella’s prime South Yarra location close to boutiques, cafes, cinemas, and parks, Spec Property’s dedicated acquisitions team are committed to pinpointing locations that offer their customers the best lifestyle factors and potential investment returns.

With a team of in-house experts, Spec Property is well positioned to negotiate any challenges presented by a project. In the case of Ella, as Damien explains, the two biggest challenges were “complying with council requirements in the very busy South Yarra area”, and “fire engineering” to ensure owner/occupier safety. Drawing on expertise from within the company means complying with council and safety regulations is easily managed, and these challenges were successfully overcome.

Founded by Sam Abdelmalak in 2005, Spec Property has grown over the past 20 years from the construction of townhouses to its current position as a respected developer in Melbourne’s medium density and high-rise residential sector, while a recently opened sales office in Malaysia has commenced Spec Property’s expansion into the Asian property market.

The decision to manage the entire development process in-house was made when the company found it was the best way to ensure their off-the-plan apartments were consistently superior. The advantages to Spec Property’s approach are evident across all stages of development, from faster approvals and certifications, to on-time delivery milestones, and, ultimately, cost efficiencies that benefit the customer. In addition, the combination of the company’s resources with an acknowledged track record means the risks of each project are dramatically reduced.

Along with Ella, Spec Property has recently developed a number of other high-end residences that deliver the company’s signature combination of prime location, thoughtful exteriors, and luxurious interiors. These projects include: The Andalusian, Balwyn (66 one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments); The Maybloom, Hawthorn (20 one-, two- and three-bedroom residences); Hello, North Melbourne (111 one-, two-and three-bedroom apartments);Elmington, Hawthorn East (65 apartments) and, Billy & Co., Richmond (42 submitted for TP approval 40 currently approved).

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