Designed to Rent Common Questions

What is Designed To Rent?

Designed To Rent™ also know as Built to Rent (BTR)  refers to a group of properties usually apartments, that are owned by a single landlord. Most comprise of a minimum of 50 homes. No lots are sold to individual owners.

Who is The Landlord?

In most circumstances the asset owner is an institutional investor, (large superannuation funds or similar).  What this means for residence is that they are dealing with professionally managed properties, and a landlord who has a vested interest in the resident and their care.

Why does Designed to Rent have a Premium Price?

Designed To Rent complexes offer premium services and amenities within the building. Residence have access to management on site, rather than dealing with remote agents. In some cases leases include free internet, gym and gym classes. Also residence have access to hotel style facilities, such as cleaning services, premium fitted out communal areas. 

Are There any Restrictions?

In Short No.

Pets – Unlike some traditional landlords who do not allow pets, our Designed to Rent properties are pet friendly. 

Fixtures – You can even hang art on the wall with real hooks! 

Age – There is no restrictions on age but the typical age groups in Designed to Rent properties are 25 – 45. And range from singles to Families. 

Is the Quality Lower Because it's a Rental?

Our product quality, fixtures and amenities remains the same, if not at a higher standard than most apartments for sale. 

Can I get involved with the Community Events?

Yes, and that’s part of the benefits living here. We have regular resident events that are more than a fun way to get people out of their rooms. We are aiming to promote the feeling of community that gets residents laughing and bonding together. 

Who Takes Care of Maintenance?

Our on site facilities management team take care of all your maintenance requests. Unlike traditional property managers and landlords, maintenance requests are processed within specific time frames. They also conduct regular maintenance of the building to keep it running smoothly. 

What Does The Residents Services Team Do?

Our resident services team is here to help you with your every need. From accepting parcels and shopping on your behalf to planning events with in the community. 


How Long Can I Lease For?

Typically leases start at 12 months, but can be as short as 3 months. Unlike traditional rentals, Designed To Rent properties can have long term leases, 3, 5, even up to 10 years.

How do I Sign up?

Through our dedicated tenant portal, or contact our Residents Service Team, 


Are Pets Allowed?

Yes, Unlike some traditional landlords who do not allow pets, our Designed to Rent properties are pet friendly. 

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